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How to improve food safety in MLB ballparks


There’s a whole world of food safety violations at Major League stadiums that most fans would prefer not to think about. From poor employee hygiene practices to food held at dangerous temperatures, health inspectors consistently find—and correct—a myriad of issues when they enter venues year after year.

That remains the reality in 2017. Sports Illustrated analyzed thousands of public inspection records gathered from local health departments in the United States and Canada, finding that all but four ballparks reached double-digit critical violations in their most recent inspections, and one managed to break triple digits.READ MORE

Ranking MLB ballparks by food safety inspections

By: Tanner Walters, Sports Illustrated |  Photo: ERIC GAY/AP IMAGES

Millions of baseball fans attend ballparks across North America annually, buying some peanuts and Cracker Jack—and hot food, too. But what are they getting themselves into?

Thousands of public inspection records gathered from local health departments in the United States and Canada reveal that food safety varies widely across Major League Baseball’s venues. Inspectors uncovered many concerning practices, from nearly 250 total violations at Dodger Stadium to a single concession stand at Tropicana Field that racked up 25 violations alone. They also found stadiums, like Safeco Field, in stellar condition.READ MORE

Robots are coming to a burger joint near you

By Lora Kolodny

Grilling burgers may be fun on the Fourth of July, but less so if hot grease is your daily grind.

Enter Miso Robotics. The southern California start-up has built a robotic “kitchen assistant” called Flippy to do the hot, greasy and repetitive work of a fry cook. Flippy employs machine learning and computer vision to identify patties on a grill, track them as they cook, flip and then place them on a bun when they’re done.

Miso is part of a budding kitchen automation industry. Its peers include Zume Pizza, Cafe X, Makr Shakr, Frobot and Sally, which are developing robots to help commercial kitchens churn out pizzas, lattes, cocktails, frozen yogurt, and salads.READ MORE

How One Family is Pulling Saltwater Taffy Back into Local Food Culture

By Liz Miller  Photos Judd Demaline

The King family has ruled concessions at state and county fairs far and wide for the past 30 years.

The sights and sounds at HerrinFesta Italiana, an annual town fair held in Herrin, Illinois, are familiar and exhilarating: the skid and wallop of bumper cars colliding, the blue and yellow neon lights of the Tilt-A-Whirl illuminating neighboring carnival games, Ferris wheel cars climbing upward and glittering against the softly setting sun. The air is perfumed with deep-fried dough and freshly spun sugar, and the aroma of buttery popcorn is so thick you can almost taste it.READ MORE