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8 Qualities Of The World’s First Michelin-Starred Street Food Chef

Food Service: First Michelin Star Food Stand
Photo Credit Yong Teck Lim
By Eric Sim

For 30 years, he worked 100 hours a week and, in the last 8 years, he has been selling chicken noodle for less than US$2 a plate. Today, Mr Chan Hon Meng’s small and modest soya sauce chicken noodle stall made dining history as it became the first street food stall in the world to be awarded a Michelin star.READ MORE

Square Experimented at Coachella, and Apple Should Like What Happened

Image Source: SQUARE
By Adam Levy via The Motley Fool May 15, 2016

If you went to Coachella this year, you may have noticed that every vendor was using Square (NYSE:SQ) credit card terminals to process payments. The payments processor was the exclusive point of sale for the music and arts festival, providing its new EMV chip-enabled hardware to the organizers. Square started taking pre-orders for the chip-reader terminals in the fourth quarter, and orders reached nearly half a million in the first quarter.READ MORE

Advice To Young Chefs

Image Source:
By Marc Vetri via The Huffington Post

When I was young, my house seemed to be the place where all of my high school friends came for advice. My parents just had a way of handling problems that most parents didn’t seem to be able to control. I remember when my friends came over they would always end up asking my parents to weigh in on something. The advice they got was straight talk and usually pretty harsh, but always honest. It wasn’t always what my friends wanted to hear, but it was always what they needed to hear.READ MORE

Flavor forecast 2016: We’ll be eating more of these foods this year


By: Hadley Malcolm, USA TODAY January 13, 2016 (Photo: McCormick)

Bye bacon. So long pumpkin. The buzz words on the tips of diners’ tongues in 2016 will be matcha, sambal sauce and rendang curry.

Those are among the flavor trends forecast by spice company McCormick to start taking off this year. The trends are all heavy on vibrant ingredients, some of which are already showing up on takeout menus, in bakeries and on grocery shelves across the country.READ MORE