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A Cashless Shake Shack

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Shake Shack, in a turnaround of sorts, is going fully cash-free and cashier-less at a location in NYC later this month. Touch screen kiosks, which we’ve been preaching about for a while now, will be fully implemented at the Astor Place location, where guests will receive a text alert when food is ready. The thought process behind Meyer’s shift? Shorter lines, higher pay for employees, less human error during ordering, and of course, no cash. We, of course, have been saying this to all of our clients (and anyone who will listen, really) for a long time now. With a labor shortage, particularly in stadiums, we’ve been advocating for moving all ordering to kiosks or onto mobile applications, paying staff a higher wage to lead to a realization in an increase in efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and shorter (or no!) lines that crowd those already overcrowded concourses. We’ll be watching this one closely to see if the same technology is implemented at other locations around the country, but really, we’d like to see this at all of their stadium and airport locations, ASAP.

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