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What It Actually Costs to Open a Restaurant in San Francisco

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.22.20 AM
By Stefanie Tuder  Photos Pork Belly Studio

Dollar for dollar, a comprehensive look at the agony of building a business

For chef Adam Tortosa, opening a restaurant is more than just a pipe dream — it’s about proving something. Tortosa, a fair, lanky 31-year-old from San Diego, was first introduced to the Bay Area when he opened 1760 with the Acquerello team in 2013. Four months later, he was slammed by a mediocre review from Michael Bauer. He quickly “resigned.”READ MORE


The Future of Dining: 99 Startups Reinventing The Restaurant In One Infographic


By Zoe Leavitt, Tech Analyst at CB Insights

These startups have raised $1.6B in aggregate to integrate digital features into nearly every aspect of restaurant operations.

Americans spent more at restaurants than at grocery stores last year for the first time, according to the US Census Bureau, due to a mixture of falling grocery prices and more restaurant visits. READ MORE


Network of 330,000 Cash Registers is Hacked

POS System
By: Elizabeth Weise, USATODAY

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the largest point-of-sale payment systems in the hospitality industry, used in restaurants and hotels globally, has been breached by a Russian organized crime group, computer security writer Brian Krebs reported Monday.

The breach occurred in systems run by MICROS Systems, which was purchased by Oracle in 2014.READ MORE


Le Cordon Bleu Will Close All U.S. Schools

A culinary student holds up the guts of a fish during a butchery class at the Le Cordon Bleu program at California Culinary Academy in 2008. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
By: Molly Hensley-Clancy, BuzzFeed News Reporter

The company that operates Le Cordon Bleu schools in the United States is shutting them down, citing new regulations on for-profit colleges.

All 16 Le Cordon Bleu cooking schools in the U.S. will be shut down, with the for-profit college operator that owns them citing the impact of the federal government’s new regulations on career colleges.READ MORE