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FSM Talks Self Service Kiosks

FSM Talks Self Service Kiosks

Using data from AT&T Center in San Antonio; the Pete Maravich Assembly Center at LSU in Baton Rouge, La.; and Service Systems Associates at the Cincinnati Museum Center, Appetize said consumers were 47 percent more likely to add a menu item on a kiosk than when asked to do so by a cashier.

“When you combine embedded upsell functionality and a cashless experience, guests are naturally more inclined to order more items and increase spend,” said Kevin Anderson, Appetize co-founder. “Self-service technology shifts the focus of control to the customer giving guests the power to browse a menu at their own pace and customize their meals. On this alone, we’ve seen an average increase in order size of up to 40 percent compared to traditional point-of-sale.”

At AT&T Center, home of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, the addition of the self-service platform in 2018 and into 2019 offered an 18 percent increase in average order size and at the Cincinnati Museum there was a 40 percent adoption rate in less than six months with a 20 percent increase in average order size. LSU enjoyed 25 percent more items sold per check at kiosks compared with terminals at point-of-sale counters.

“Self-service kiosks definitely have the most momentum of any latest trend or innovation in stadium concessions,” Anderson said. “Right around 50 percent of our stadium concessions deployments today go out with some type of self-service technology and we anticipate that to continue to grow for the next several years.”

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