The Robots are Coming - Food Service Matters
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The Robots are Coming


We’ve seen the rise of robots in the fast-casual space over the last few months and that has us continuing to think about applications for the food service space. The two concepts that have caught our eye are California-based “Flippy” at CaliBurger restaurants and the pizza robot at Zume. We’re fans of increasing efficiencies in concession stands, controlling food safety through perfectly timed and temperature food, and also trying to solve for an ever-shrinking labor force in the stadium space. While we may not be ready to roll out robots across the entire food service spectrum, we think a combination of robotic cooks, kiosks for ordering and smart applications will help food service providers increase speed, quality and offerings by allowing workers to specialize in customer service and delivery. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be keeping an eye on “Flippy”…

To read more about the robot capabilities and where you can see one for yourself, check out CNBC’s pieces on Zume and Flippy.

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